The End of India / Onto New Things

Thank you all for reading up on my adventures in India! This last post was the last of my stories about that 28 day trip, and now it’s time to move onto other things! Some posts I have planned:

About China

  • About Hong Kong, Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbour
  • Kunming: China’s Spring City
  • The Best of Suzhou (Gardens, SIP and Watertowns)
  • Tips for moving to China

About North America

  • Glacier Park and Highway to the Sun
  • Yellowstone Park
  • Our Rocky Mountain Road Trip

South East Asia

  • Should I visit Cambodia? (An Overview of the best and worst Cambodia has to offer)
  • Should I visit Thailand? (An Overview)
  • Should I visit China? (An Overview)

I am hoping to eventually write about all of these topics, but for now, I’d love to hear from you! Following this post, I’ll be adding a poll to my blog page. You can click on whichever topic you’d like to see me post next! I’ll base my next posting on what you want to see! Pretty cool, hey? I’m getting used to this blogging stuff!

I’ll leave the poll open for a week! Let me know what you think! Thanks!!!

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