November 10th

I have no idea how this post went missing, but it did. So I suppose I should write it again!! (It will FOREVER annoy me that this is not in order, btw…)

The picture above is of Euromart. I took it at night, on my way back from a walk.

Euromart was a saving grace for us our first year here. You can get everything from A&W root beer, to blue cheese at the store, and pretty much everything in between. Prices are high, but everything is authentic, so nobody complains.

We are fortunate enough to have Euromart in our back yard. It’s located a 5 minute walk from our apartment, which just adds convenience to this already convenient store.

In summer, we often sit outside this store, sipping German Beer and eating Sunchips. At one point, we were such regulars that the owners owners would let us stay after close. It helps that we always clean up after ourselves.

A European grocery store might seem like a strange place to hang out…I concede. But this is China.

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