Day 14 – Flights

We had a shorter holiday this year but still wanted a long vacation, so we opted to take some rather crummy flights to save on holiday time. One of those flights was this morning.

The flight itself only left at 6:10, but we always try to give ourselves enough time, so we aimed to be at the airport for 4am. Unfamiliar airports can be tricky, and so can traffic in unfamiliar cities.

We arrived slightly ahead of schedule, and I was right…Jogjakarta airport IS different: it doesn’t open until 4:30. Even when there are flights departing at 5:30.

Quite a crowd formed in the half hour we waited. By the time the security guard unlocked the doors, Dave and I were standing right at the front, ready to go in. As a result, we made it through prescreening, check in, baggage drop off and security within 10 minutes flat.

I got a bit of sleep on the plane, but woke up when Dave pointed out that we were flying over a giant volcano and able to look into its crater. I was too busy watching to think of getting a picture, but I found this one online that’s pretty close.

A few minutes later, we started flying over all of Indonesia’s tiny islands. This is where we saw the most spectacular views.

Now, we’re on one of these gorgeous islands (Flores) and in the next few days we’ll visit 3 others (Komodo, Rinca & Padar).

Life continues to be awesome!!

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