The Bee Farm

One of my favourite aspects of travelling is all the new foods I get to try.  Going to the Philippines, Dave and I were especially excited because we’ve always enjoyed Filipino cooking in Winnipeg (where the Filipino population is huge!).  Unfortunately, the food on Cebu Island was a bit of a let down.

There was one exception to this rule, however, and luckily, we discovered it early in our trip!


The Bee Farm is so much more than just a place with a lot of bees.  We stayed at the Bee Farm hotel on Panglao island, but we also visited the restaurant in Cebu City as well as The Buzz Cafe in Tagbilaran.   All 3 of these locations had honey products for sale, and so much more!

We stayed at the Panglao Bee Farm Hotel, which was quite an experience!  We shared the family room with Deb and Dedrick, with us taking upstairs, and them taking the main floor.  The whole cabin had such a rustic feel to it.  The bathrooms even included soap made right at the Bee Farm!

We didn’t take the Bee Farm tour, because Dedrick and Deb had actually visited a few weeks earlier (they were leaving the Philippines just as we got there), but we still walked around and admired the very well-kept grounds.

What I loved most about The Bee Farm was the quality of fresh and organic food.  With so many of our options being processed food, it was so nice to eat good whole grain bread, and proper coffee with honey instead of sugar!

The only problem I had with the Bee Farm was that their products were mostly in containers that were too big for carry-on luggage (we had traveled to the Philippines without any checked bags).  Still, I couldn’t resist making a stop in Cebu city, on our way out of the country, to pick up my 2 favourite Bee Farm Products:  Honey Spread and Chili Honey.  I knew there was a chance that they would be taken from me at the airport, but it was worth the risk.

They did make it home..and I’ve been putting spicy honey on all my farmer sausage all month!

That’s it for the Philippines!  I still have posts about Malaysia and Indonesia planned, plus several posts about Southern Manitoba.  Stay tuned!

Day 3 – Friends!

Living abroad, you meet people from everywhere.  One of the best things of meeting new people when you’re abroad is that you know that at the very least, you have 1 thing in common:  you have an adventurous spirit.

Seen Here:  4 Adventurers on a very small boat on a very wavy ocean.  

Occasionally, you end up travelling at the same time, in the same place, as one of your friends.  Sometimes it’s on purpose, and sometimes it’s by luck.  By luck, 2 of our best friends had booked a holiday in the Philippines at the same time we were set to be there!  A little bit of schedule juggling made it possible for us to meet up on the island of Bohol.

When they told us they would be on Bohol Island at the same time we were in Cebu city, we knew we had this make it work and meet up!

We didn’t have a lot of time together but we did a lot with the time we had!  I have a special post planned for our time at The Bee Farm, but I wanted to share a little bit about our snorkeling adventure with Dedrick and Deb for yesterday’s recap.  It was definitely the most memorable part of our day!

The weather was a bit nasty when we woke up, but not nasty enough to cancel the trip, so at 7am, we head down to a little dive shop Dedrick had found, and set off on a boating adventure.  The water was choppy and the sky looked like it might unleash rain on us at any moment, but before long, it calmed down and we were able to enjoy some snorkeling!  The sun even peeped out before we left, and Dave and I both ended up with nasty sun burns too!

The captain of our first boat. Eventually we had to switch to a second boat. We had to pay for both boats individually. It’s a bit of a racket, but it was still a pretty good deal, so no one complained much

Here’s a short video on our way to the little snorkeling island.  I’m actually quite bruised from all the bumping around on this boat.  I was happy to get back on land when it was all over!

I’ll be back with another post soon!